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Marketing Campaigns

Below you'll find campaigns showing use of SEO, Google Adwords, Media Schedules, SWOT Analysis, Financial Projections, Unique Selling Propositions, Social Media Campaigns, Digital Marketing, Taglines, Executive Summaries, Press Releases, and Key Art.

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Digital Advertising Campaign for Sugarhigh Lovestoned Clothes

January 20, 2019

In order to garner brand awareness for this sustainable clothing line, I've executed a full digital marketing plan including celebrity placements at Coachella and influencer events for social media coverage with a hashtag campaign, a collaboration with photography duo WIISSA for online ads, and hosting block parties with pop-up shops in neighborhoods that fit the client's demographic.

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Anmol Film Campagn

January 20, 2019

Below is a link to the campaign I did for the release of student film Anmol. You'll find: 

  • Media and Publicity Strategies 

  • Executive Summary

  • Tagline

  • Target Audience and Psychographics 

  • Key Art

  • Marketing Opportunities and Obstacles 

  • Pitch Letter

  • Press Release

  • Marketing Activities 

  • Distribution and Release Strategies

Marketing: Work
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